LVDT / HBT Standard Probes & Ultra Soft Touch Probes


DP-S1 / S2M / SC2 / S2 / S4 / 10 / 25 – HBT type


  • Various measuring range: ±0.5mm to ±12.5mm.

  • Excellent resistance to workshop conditions.

  • High resolution & linearity.


  • Specification

*Cable length could be longer by 10M

  • Dimension (Click to view more)




DP-S4L / S4VL – HBT type

  • Ultra soft touch by natural drop, 2g force

  • To the part which is easy to damage by force

  • Only can measure the top of the part

  • High repeatability & linearity


  • Specifications

*Cable length could be longer by 10M

  • Where to use Ultra soft touch probes

    • The part sensitive by measuring force

      • Thin glass, plastic, film, Wafer, etc easy to bend.

      • No scratch mark allowed parts.

      • 1~2g forces by natural dropping of its weight.

      • Only can measure at the top of the part.


  • Dimension (Click to view more)